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Ways to support your breastfeeding partner (and why it's important)

Support matters. A randomized control study found that with partner support the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at six months was 67% higher compared to women who did not receive partner support. As we know support can take many forms and come from other family members or close friends too - so let’s be each other's “village”.

Ways to support the body-feeding person:

  • Make them food (and clean up)

  • Take older kids to the park

  • Cheer them on

  • Use family leave

  • Vote for policies that support paid leave

  • Give a gift certificate for breastfeeding education or a lactation consultant as a baby shower gift

  • Normalize breastfeeding in public

  • Wash their pump parts

  • Help with nighttime wakings

  • Send their favorite snacks

  • If they tell you breastfeeding is hard - believe & support them but don’t discourage their goals.


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