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Kavisa has been featured in.... 

Make a Way Media
Self-Care as a Social Justice Issue: Watch an interview with lactation consultant and yoga teacher Kavisa Wood of Nourishing Justly about how parents can nourish themselves, particularly in the face of health inequities and lack of inclusion.
The birth hour podcast logo
Episode 700: Listen to Kavisa's journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with her youngest son - How yoga, Hypnobabies, walking and ancestral prayer helped her through the tough parts and she honored her journey with a womb closing ceremony.
Read the blog entry here.
mater mea logo
Extended Breastfeeding: 11 Black Women on Why They Breastfed Beyond 1 year
Read why Kavisa breastfed for over two years, the challenges she faced and what helped.
The birth hour podcast logo
Episode 297: Listen to Kavisa's story of adopting her two daughters from foster care and the posterior with PROM birth story of her oldest son.
Read the blog entry here
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