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How to obtain a pain-free latch when breastfeeding

Steps for a nourishing latch. Sometimes your baby latches easily but sometimes you might need to readjust. If you are experiencing pain or issues while breastfeeding/bodyfeeding the first step is usually "Check the latch".

Steps for a nourishing latch:

🟤 Option to use C hold to position breast

🟤 Bring baby to breast (not breast to baby)

🟤 Brush baby’s lips with nipple

🟤 Wait for baby’s mouth to open wide with tongue down

🟤 Aim the nipple toward the roof of the mouth

🟤 Baby’s chin touches breast first, then mouth over areola

🟤 Baby’s mouth wide open with flanged lip

🟤 Baby’s bottom close to you

🟤 Listen for swallowing sounds

🟤 Look for jaw-swallowing motions

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