Core Values

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JUSTICE: Centering justice and health equity to help nourish the wellbeing of families, lower health disparities and dismantle unjust systems.

SUPPORT: We support all - Whether you have never done yoga before or have practiced yoga for 10 years; whether you want to breastfeed into toddler years, chestfeed for a specific time frame or exclusively pump; whether your family is growing via adoption or birth;

UMOJA: Unity in Swahili. Investing in both our self AND community care to thrive. Our collective wellness as a society will impact our individual breastfeeding, yoga or general wellness journey.

TRANQUILITY: Prayama (breathing exercises) and meditation to help regulate our nervous system, increase self awareness and nourish mental wellbeing. 

LACTATION: Personalized sessions to help parents plan and reach their breastfeeding or bodyfeeding goals for nourishing their children. 

YOGA: Harnessing the power of mindful movement for overall health and wellbeing. Practicing while pregnant can provide relief from some of pregnancy discomforts, deepen your connection with your baby and help prepare ones body for labor & birth.